Tuesday, July 20, 2010


porter i've been SO bad about blogging.
i feel so selfish for not taking the few minutes out of my day to write you something.
but even if i haven't written, i'm sure you know you're still on my mind.
all the time.
especially yesterday.
yesterday i gotta find out what my babyy is.
i was SO hoping for a boy, like really, so bad.
i was gonna name him addison river weisenburger.
after the two most influential boys in my life.
but you and river have had completely different influences in my life.
you've always always been there for me.
even if sometime i didn't like you telling me i was being dramatic and that i needed to get over it.
and rivers just been there lately with all my drama.
and half of me just think it sounds so cute together.
we were all CONVINCED it was a boy.
we all called it addison. all the time.
bad idea. we jinxed it.
it's a little baby girll.
but that's okay:)
i know i could still name it addison, cuz it's an adorable name for a girl, but i want it to be a boy.
and make him play bass. and make him love hiking. and make him love lots of things that you loved.
honestly, i was really sad when they said girl.
like i didn't even know what to do.
but now i'm excited for a girl.
looking at all the cute pink sassy things i can buy and make.
i'll have my little addison one day,
i can promise you that(:
my little attryel will hear about you so much that it will practically be like she knows you.
thanks for everything porter.
there isn't a day that goes by that i don't think about you, and how much i miss you.

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